High speed camera and sensors that accurately capture the angle of drive, ball speed, flight path, back and side spin, carry distance, rolling distance and launch angle.


Swing Analysis System

The system analyses data by advanced algorithm and provides instant performance feedback for golfers and instructors to analyse and compare the swing.


Real-Life Golf Course Terrain

RUNGOLF obtained comprehensive data of golf courses through technologies like satellite map and aerial photography. It presents the golf courses in 1:1 scale with the latest 3D image processing technology, provides an immersive experience to players. Various national and international famous golf courses are available. RUNGOLF is also the first in the world to provide Child Tee.


Swing Form Capture Technology

Golfers could record, save, replay and compare the swing with professional golfers on the system, allowing golfers and instructors to analyse and compare the swing conveniently.


Interactive Platform

Professional online competition platform, personal data and progress storage, swing movement analysis video sharing and PDA data analysis available.

China’s leading indoor golf operation company