Golf Academy

Hong Kong’s only A SWING certified Golf Academy

1 on 1 Private Program

Designed to provide you with a realistic understanding data analysis and improve your swing motion. Suitable for Advanced player.

Junior Program

Taught by our professional instructors in a fun and encouraging environment. Children will be learning about different aspects of golf through various fun games and competitions. Kids clubs are available for use.

Group Program

Learn golf in an interactive, relaxing and fun environment with your friends, family and other players.

Our Instructors

Course Structure


Stage 1: Equipment description and uses, Grip, Posture, Ball Position, Body Alignment and Aim

Stage 2: Swing Plane, Swing Path, Clubface control, Ball Flight control

Stage 3: Using woods from tee and fairway



Stage 4: Short Game(Putting, Chipping, Pitching), Etiquette and Rules

Stage 5: Simulated 18 holes golf course management