Junior Summer Golf Program (June – September)

A fun and fruitful summer holiday for your child!

The Junior Summer Golf Program will be taught by our professional golf instructors in a fun and encouraging environment. Children will be learning about different aspects of golf through various fun games and competitions. At the same time, encourage diverse development and nurture their self-challenging attitude, self-discipline attitude and sportsmanship.


Why Indoor Golf for Kids?

(1) Real-life golf courses stimulation – Targeted and systematic training program

(2) Comfortable learning environment – Free from distractions

(3) Advanced algorithm data analyzation – Instant swing analysis

(4) Diverse development


Our Training Program

(1) Introduction of golf equipment and other accessories

(2) Rules, Tee ground usage and safety rules

(3) Golf etiquette

(4) Posture and gripping methods

(5) Swing motion and analysis: Driver & Iron, Pitch & Putt


Course Details

Age:4 – 14 years old

Class size: 4 – 6 people (groups can be formed on your own or by The ONE Golf Club)

Time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Location:The ONE Golf Club

Fee:$150 / lesson* (60 mins per lesson)

1 course consist of 4 lessons

A certificate will be issues upon completion of 2 courses (8 lessons)


*Lesson fee includes: Room fee, golf club rental & coach fee

Kids clubs are available for use.


Please call us at 2392 9111 for enrollment and inquires.

Diverse Development




AQ Training

Body Flexibility

Body Coordination